SC4 trustees tap Memphis Superintendent to fill vacancy

Trustees for St. Clair County Community College have named a new board member to fill a vacancy on the governing body for SC4. Brad Gudme, who is employed as superintendent for Memphis Community Schools, was appointed last night to the trustee position most recently held by John Adair. Last month, Adair resigned from the board of trustees. A total of 13 people applied to fill the position. Nicholas DeGrazia, President of the board, tells WPHM most of those applicants had positive feedback for the college. “Many people were citing all the various things the college in the last few years… the residence hall, the experience center… and the field house,” said DeGrazia. He says his greater vision for SC4 is to attract more students to the college and provide better learning facilities. So far this year, the college has purchased property in the 900 block of 10th Avenue and 900 block of Poplar Street. DeGrazia declined to comment on what SC4 plans to do with the newly acquired property.