9-11 ceremony emphasizes international relationship

First responders, elected officials, and citizens all gathered Wednesday morning at the International Flag Plaza in Port Huron to honor those who died in the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks. Representatives from both sides of the border were in attendance, including Bryan VanGaver, Deputy Fire Chief for the Sarnia Fire Service. “It (9-11) happened on American soil, but it affected us worldwide,” said VanGaver. He says there is a close relationship between the Port Huron and Sarnia fire departments, with both agencies providing mutual aid to each others in times of need. VanGaver says it is one of the few international agreements between fire agencies.

Former Port Huron Mayor and Councilman Alan Cutcher helped establish the memorial located beneath the Blue Water Bridges. He tells WPHM it was an act of kindness from our Canadian neighbors that inspired the flag plaza. “The night of 9-11, the Canadians lined up flashing their lights and honking their horns,” said Cutcher. He says the  International Flag Plaza is one of the first international monuments to those who died on September 11th. It hosted the first memorial ceremony in 2002, with Cutcher saying the event has grown every year since.