Annual “float down” is Sunday

Expect to see an increased law enforcement presence on the land and on the water this weekend for the annual Port Huron Float Down. Officials from the U.S. Coast Guard, St. Clair County Dive Team, Port Huron Police and Fire, and many others will be out in full force making sure this Sunday’s float down is a safe one. Officials urge all participants to wear a life jacket, especially those under 18. Port Huron Police Sergeant Doug Decker also says plan ahead for where you will exit the river, telling WPHM float down participants are not allowed to use private property without the owner’s permission. Decker instead suggests using the public beach at Desmond Landing or the Moose Lodge for those who wish to exit the float down early. Sunday’s float down begins around 1pm at Lighthouse beach and ends at Marysville’s Chrysler Beach. Participants are urged to bring identification to avoid a situation like in 2016, when 1500 participants were blown off course into Canada and stranded with no ID. The Port Huron float down is an unsanctioned and unapproved event.