Superintendents wait for snow day forgiveness

Local school superintendents are still waiting for lawmakers in Lansing to decide whether they will forgive days of school missed due to frigid cold temperatures earlier this year. Marysville Superintendent Dr. Shawn Wightman says most lawmakers agree that school days missed due to Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s state of emergency in February should be forgiven. He says a House bill would forgive three days, and a Senate version would forgive four days. Wightman says he and his fellow superintendents are hopeful lawmakers come to an agreement so schools don’t have to add additional instructional hours between now and the end of the year. Meanwhile, Whightman says the Marysville Public School District will not be perusing a waiver from the state to start classes before Labor Day. The superintendent says parents were surveyed last year and they overwhelmingly were not in favor of moving up the school start date.


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