PHPD: Selling e-cigs to minors could result in a fine

The Port Huron Police Department is cracking down on those who provide electronic cigarettes to minors. According to Port Huron Police Sargent Doug Decker, the product originally designed to help people quit smoking is now introducing teenagers to nicotine. Speaking to our Paul Miller, Decker says officers will be enforcing a new ordinance which bans the possession, use, and sale of e-cigarette sand other vapor products to those under 18 years of age. Decker says electronic cigarettes, Juuls, and other vape pens may be safer than traditional cigarettes however they still contain nicotine that can cause addiction at a young age, as well as numerous chemicals that could be hazardous to health. Selling one of these products to a minor is a misdemeanor in Port Huron and could result in a $50 fine.

Full interview with Sargent Doug Decker: