Architect: Harrington renovations will turn back time

Renovations are well under way at an over century-old downtown Port Huron Hotel which was purchased last year by California developer and St. Clair Inn owner Jeffery Katofsky. Most recently known as the Harrington Inn – and originally the Hotel Harrington – architect Vince Cataldo of Infuz Limited says the finished product will transport guests back in time to the turn of the 20th century. Cataldo, speaking to WPHM during a tour of the property yesterday, highlighted some of the unique features of the building. Those include marble floors that are being uncovered in the hotel’s ball room and lobby, a speakeasy-style pub in the basement, and rooftop that will be home to solar panels and a sky-bar. “This isn’t a short cut group… they want to get things right,” said Cataldo, referencing Katofsky. “I think everybody will be pleased with the end result.” Cataldo adds that crews are finishing up work on the St. Clair Inn, which is expected to open this summer, with workers then moving north to wrap up work at the Harrington later this year. Katofsky announced his intent to purchase the Harrington on the WPHM Morning Show in May of last year. The building previously housed a senior assisted living home.