Prints for charity

For 18 years now, Captain Jim Clary has been providing prints to help raise funds for the Salavation Army during the Holiday season. This year, he's helping the St. Joseph's Academy, in Ray Township as well. For those that give $20 or more towards St. Joseph's or the Salvation Army, they will receive a print from Captain Jim's Gallery in St. Clair. In past years, Clary's charity paintings have always had a maritime theme, but this year is different. Clary instead wanted to highlight the areas homeless problem, which he says is an epidemic. The inspiration for this year's piece titled "Least brother of mine" came when Clary saw a homeless person living in their car with everything they own. The charity drive runs from Nov. 27th – Dec 24th. On Saturday, December 19th, A special event will be held at Cap'n Jim's Gallery that will feature Christmas selections by a Salvation Army quartet, as well as the St. Joseph's Children's Choir. Clary says you will know it's Christmas when you hear them. Cap'n Jim's Gallery is open Mon-Sat, 10-4pm.