Time for some updates


Port Huron area schools will be holding the first of two meetings tonight at 6pm at Port Huron High School. Jamie Cain, School Superintendent, comments that these meetings are being held in order to try and update schools to better help with students education. The average age of school buildings in the district is 55 years, with the newest being built in 1971. The school district is also asking the community to come out, not just to show their support for area schools but to also offer up any ideas they have and participate in plans the district has been working on. The community engagement sessions will focus on school facilities and programs, not just for the immediate future but for the next 20-25 years. The next session will be at held at Port Huron Northern on October 29th. Cain says try to come to both meetings because the second session will build off the first. If you can't attend  the district will be posting highlights from the meeting on their website at: phasd.us.