Teacher Winners


Teachers are very deserving of being rewarded! With many have 25+ students, it’s not easy what they do, and we know for sure that we could no NOT do it! That’s why once a month, on the final Friday, we announce our ‘Teacher of the Month’! You nominate a teacher you know at WSAQ.com, and Matt & Jenna will pick a winning teacher! We set up a date for Matt & Jenna to show up with pizza from Party Express and $200 for the teacher, courtesy of Winson & Damman, Attorneys & Counselors at Law! Check out some photos from our past winning teachers!



Mrs. Fiedler of Crull Elementary was February’s Teacher of the Month! Camri nominated her, and it worked! They made signs welcoming Matt & Jenna, listened to them talk about radio, and munched on some pizza!