Q Country Critters


Each Friday morning, an animal that needs a new home stops into the studio at 8:30! We’ll go Facebook Live so you can watch how the animal interacts with everyone in the studio, and so someone hopefully gives them a home! Check out some of the past critters we’ve had, and be sure to contact the Blue Water Area Humane Society about any animal you’d love to adopt!




“Chico’ was one of those cats that when you picked up, you just knew that he was too lovable to put down! Yes, he has claws on all four paws, but you would never know because he never had a reason to bring them out! He just wants to be held, eat treats, and live his best cat life. He’s up for adoption RIGHT NOW with the Blue Water Area Humane Society, and yes, he is 50% off due to being a black cat! Stop by and check him out!



‘Patti’ was with the Blue Water Area Humane Society and WOW is she precious! She never wanted to leave your arms, she wanted to talk to you, and she wanted to explore! You get a little bit of everything with this adorable kitty, who happens to be discounted! All black cats are half-off, and NEEDS and WANTS  a home! Give the Blue Water Area Humane Society a call today to ask about her, or any of their other wonderful pets who need a home! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

‘Fiji’ was the start of the show on Friday, March 15th! Jenna Justen IMMEDIATELY fell in love with her! she’s about 4 years old, is spayed, and is super playful when you want her to be, but the second you calm down, she calms down with you and will sit and snuggle on your lap! Call the Blue Water Area Humane Society at 810-987-4357 to check on her availability and see you, or someone you know, can give her her rightful forever home!



‘Oreo’ was in on Friday, March 8th!

Oreo was so precious and lovable! She is about 6 months old, and when you think of the ‘curious cat’, that’s who she was! She would purr the entire time you held her, and the second you put her down, she went off to explore the Q Country 107 studio. As you can see, she took an interest in the microphone. Who knows, maybe in the future, she’ll have her won show! Although, she might want to change our positioning statement to ‘Port Huron’s Cat Station, Q Country 107’!