More road work, flier ordinance planned for Marysville

Marysville City Council is looking to crack down on the distribution of flyers and other hand-bills to city residents. City Manager Randy Fernandez, speaking to WPHM, says council had a first reading of an ordinance Monday night which would limit where fliers can be placed and how many can be left at a property. He says the ordinance is similar to one passed by the Marine City Commission earlier this year. Fernandez states that the city is also working  to replace an aging traffic signal near at the intersection of Michigan and Huron, near Marysville High School. That traffic light could be replace in November of this year. Marysville City council also this week also approved an additional repaving project for Marysville park, which will result in a completely repaved park driveway from the Huron Avenue entrance to River Road.

Full interview with Randy Fernandez: