Truck breaks through the ice in Lexington harbor

Authorities in Lexington, with the help of some passer-byes, were able to rescue a man who broke through the ice in his pickup truck Saturday morning. According to the Sanilac County Sheriff’s Department, the 62 year old Kimball Township man drove his truck on to the ice-covered harbor around noon  Saturday. He was able to escape from the vehicle seconds before it sank into the icy Lake Huron waters. The 2016 Dodge Ram was submerged in 12 feet of water about 850 feet from shore. Members of the Sanilac and St. Clair County dive teams retrieved the truck on Sunday. The hole left by the recovery operation has been marked by authorities and ice fishers are asked to stay clear of the area for several days until ice reforms. The driver of the truck was arrested by the Lexington Police under suspicion of operating while intoxicated.