A new commissioner for St. Clair County


The St. Clair County Board of Commissioners have made their decision regarding the next county commissioner. The board made their final decision Thursday night after a special meeting was held were commissioners interviewed both Terry London and Harry "Duke" Dunn. The Candidates were asked several questions regarding their past experience and their opinions on economic development, which the board believes is the most important issue facing St. Clair County. Commission Chair Jeff Bohm says both candidates were qualified to serve the county. Dunn was selected on a 4 to 2 vote. After the special meeting commenced commissioners met for their monthly committee meetings, the first for Dunn. He said it went well, but that it was more extensive than the city council meetings he is used to attending. During the Human Services Committee the counties 2016 proposed budget was discussed. A 1.6 million budget shortfall was balanced previously by permanent structural cuts to departments. County revenues were affected by decreased tax revenue, and the county housing less federal inmates due to the feds opening a new faculty. A public hearing was held regarding the budget, with no public comment.