Leanne Quade

Where were you born and raised?
Croswell (Yes I love the Sugar Beet Factory smell)
Married? Kids? Animals?
No, No, Yes!
I have a very cuddly black lab named Rugger whose bark is way worse than his lick.
My typical breakfast?
It depends on the day, during the week I usually grab a bagel on my way out the door, but Sunday morning breakfasts in my house consist of eggs, hash browns, bacon, and toast (my favorite day is Sundays)
Favorite Charities.
Toys for Tots
Spare time??
Haha what is that?? When I do get a break Im usually just cuddled up in bed watching a movie, or working on my photography skills... but mostly watching movies.
Favorite concert.
Its a toss up between The Blue Man Group, or the Backstreet Boys. The Blue Man Group put on amazing shows, and the Backstreet Boys have been one of my favorite bands since I was little.

Favorite restaurants.
It really depends on what I want to eat, but for sure Steis's for their pizza, and The Camm Café for their chicken sandwich's!!
And memorable on-air moment.
Right before I started my first solo shift here at WSAQ, Chuck had me come in and do a few hours with people in the studio with me. I had only told my mom that I was going to be on air that night because I was so nervous. Right after I did my first break my phone started to blow up with text message from my family saying that they heard me and I sounded natural. Which was all untrue I sounded like a total mess but the support that they gave me was the best feeling in the world!!
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