The special City Council meeting scheduled for Saturday has been cancelled.  City Mayor Pauline Repp says two of the three candidates scheduled to be interviewed for the City Manager's position, George Korthauer and Franklin Peterson, have been offered other jobs.   The city consultant, Bob Hamilton, has recommended that the interviews be rescheduled until there is more than one candidate.  Scott Pietrzak will be interviewed at that time.  Over the next couple of weeks. Hamilton will review the other applications received and recommend any that he feels the City Council should consider interviewing.  In addition Repp says the City Manager's position will be re-posted.  The Council will be meeting to discuss dates for accepting any applications and for interviews.  In a statement released late Wednesday night Repp said the council was “disappointed that the recruitment process has stalled, the fact that two of our finalists were offered other positions that took them out of the running shows that we had excellent candidates.”