Ken Black

Where were you born and raised?
   Born in Grand Rapids and raised in Linden, MI

Married?  Kids?  Animals?
   Engaged, an amazing son - Carson, and a fish

Your typical breakfast?
   Coffee or RedBull

   Talking about and introducing songs, informing the masses of the local weather conditions

Favorite Charities?
   FocusHope and the Eastern Michigan Food Bank

Neat and Clean or Messy and Unorganized?
  100% OCD (which results in an overly organized mess)

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
  Photography (view my photos at -, Chuck Palahniuk novels, Detroit Tigers and Lions games, sleeping

Your favorite concerts?
  "SARS-stock" a 2003 benefit in Toronto featuring The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Guess Who, RUSH, Justin Timberlake, Have Love Will Travel, Flaming Lips, and many others (second largest event in Canadian history with over 400,000 people)... 'The Doors' at Pine Knob in 2003... Beach Boys in 1998 (first concert)

Something that's sure to make you laugh?
  Crotch shots and people falling down

Favorite Movies?
   The Big Lebowski, anything by Wes Anderson (Life Aquatic, Rushmore) and Guy Ritchie (Snatch, Lock Stock)

Favorite Artists/Bands?
   Beastie Boys, Beach Boys, Ted Nugent, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Jr

Favorite TV Shows.
   Jeopardy!, NOVA, Nature, Big Bang Theory, and COPS (only the episodes from the 90's though)

One thing someone may not know about you?
  I'm a nerd and have social anxiety

Best advice for someone who wants to be in radio?
  Don't buy a new car when you first get hired, you won't be able to afford it.  Keep as active in your station as you can and record everything you say On-Air.  Also, buying a DJ a beer at a remote may help get a foot in the door

Memorable On-Air/Radio moment?
  Being auctioned off at a bar for charity, made $175 for the kids, next guy made $27

Favorite Local Restaurants?
  The Vintage, Cheap Charlie's, Bunker's @ Fore Lakes

Favorite Places to Shop?
  Ebay and

Favorite Local Hang out?
  My son and I are usually strolling the Blue Water Riverwalk

First Job?
  Farm stand when I was 12 (aka Produce Sales Specialist)

Favorite Book?
  Outliers by Malcom Gladwell,  Life With Mae by Neal Shine (my grandfather), all of Chuck Palahniuk's novels (Fight Club, Diary, Rant etc.)
Pet Peeves?
   Internet grammar and the lack there of.  People who don't turn their lights on in the rain or fog.  The Canadians on the North end who still drive using KPH not MPH