Roofsit Donations
Tina Sargent presented the first check to Chuck before taking the roof from her scrapbook fundraiser - $2,275.07--AWESOME
Michigan Association of Professional Santas walked today and presented us with a check for $550
Ray Straffon our first Team 107.1 member
Mary Gersten joined Team 107.1
Cherie & Melissa Hunt donated $55
Knights of Columbus Auxiliary Marysville #9526 donated $50
Cherie Hall donated $20
Theresa Hayes donated $25
Lauren & Carly Lewis donated $125
Parraghi Roofing & Sheet Metal donated $100
Rosemary & Ray Anderson donated $25
St. Clair County 4-H Council donated $100
Betty Lanson (visiting from New Jersey) donated $25
McKenna (10 Yrs) and Kelsey (4 yrs) Nunez donated a lot of change that they had saved throughout the year - kids helping kids!
Kate Virnich donated $20
Kathy Carey donated $100
Lawrence Chappel Jr donated $25
Barbara Schmidt joined Team 107.1
Don & Sybil Chopp joined Team 107.1
Mary Redd joined Team 107.1!!!
Jerry Pease from Algonac donated $20
Martin Concrete Contracting donated $300
Cassandra and Rick dropped off the donation and drinks
New volunteers - Ann Brown and Tom Seilheimer
Ann Brown just donated $25
Doc & Lucy (Dusty's Buddies) just joined Team 107.1
T I Automotive and Ann Marie Shawley -2 separate groups!!!
Figaro's Lounge, Marv Guske and bartenders just donated $500 and issued a challenge to all other bars in area to match or beat their donation!
Maggie from Black River Party Store just joined Team 107.1
Barn Dance total $3,470
Paul Maxwell just joined Team 107.1
Maryann Schumann just donated $20
Mansoor Lazarus from the Brow Palace (do eyebrow threading) just came in and donated $30
Ellis & Nancy Tolliver were in and joined Team 107.1 in honor of their grandchildren, Kendall, Taylor, Payton, Emma, Elizabeth, Ruger, Wesson, Gator, Brooke, Piper and Jersey!
Just created a statistics tab for you and added some information....
A family from Yale came by and dropped a donation of $100
Rob Crawford came by and donated $20....said he will be back!   Left you a note that said....he didn't forget...he is off this week.  His son is getting married Saturday.   Here is $20 to boost the morning.
Michigan Specialty Coatings just joined Team 107.1
Diana Scheible donated $40
Leo Colantuono donated $25 for his wife Lindsay and baby C to be!
Mike Cooley from Kenockee Fire Dept called in a donation of $502.50 and issued a challenge to all other fire departments, the "Sassy" Norway Bar in Avoca and the Kenockee Township Board to match or beat his donation!
S. Custom Welds just came in and donated $100
Jeff & Sue Krause just donated $50
Dave and Connie Nicholson were in and donated $110 on behalf of their grandkids Dan, Paul, Emma, Lauren, Alexa, Miranda, Kyle, Zachary, Zoe, Ian and Eddie
Maynard Little the third came in for a tshirt and dontated $25
Bob and Lois Patterson donated $100
Doris Culton stopped in and donated $60
Dana Birtles donated $25 in memory of her brother Scott Nichols
Burtchville Twp. Firefighters Association donated $300!
Deborah Nichols donated $100
Patrick and Ann Mullins donated $50.00
Kimberly Steinhoff came in and donated $40
Chuck...thanks for talking to Deb....she is so appreciative
Matthew Nichols in memory of Scott Nichols...$25.00 donation
Robert A. Nichols Jr. donated $25.00 donation
Elizabeth Dewey and Alysse Armstrong as volunteers at the hut...collected a total of $585.10!!!!!
They are 8th graders at Ft. Gratiot Middle School! Yahoo!
Julie Sein donated $25.00 in memory of Scott Nichols
Bryon Visga donated $10.00
Women's Life Club 757 donated $107.10 to join Team 107.10
Ann Brown donated $10.00 in memory of Scott Nichols, Ann was also a volunteer this mornining
Faith and Ayden just donated from their piggy bank $9.17
Arrine Bushor donated $10.00
Steve Piapek with Pie Plastics pledged $100.
Dave and Michelle Burley, $107.10
Jim Klein, Crossroads Auto Detailing brought doughnuts for volunteers,
donated $100, and challenged his employees to donate on payday
this Friday.
Charlie Barrett is here, doing 107.1 Club and some other items
Kathy Smith just called.  She and Larry are each joing the 107.1 Club.
Jamie from the Masonic Lodge - Pine Grove #11 was just in and donated $200 and issued a challenge to all other Masonic Lodges to meet or beat their donation!
Sandy & Maureen McCallum just stopped by and donated $30
Susan Roth just came in at the end of her volunteer shift and donated $42 in memory of her sister Becky Roth, who would have been 42 years old today.
Gary Delong from Jeddo Pet Resort was in and donated $200 and challenges every other pet place to do the same - he says if you have anything to do with pets, donate!
Jeddo Lion's Club was in and donated $300 and challenged all other Lion's Clubs to do the same!
Pamela Motte just joined Team 107.1!
Chris Somogy came in and brought you some sugar free cookies and a donation along with her friend Jody McFarlan who also donated!
JC Penney was just in and donated $115 they raised on a "Tacky Tie Tuesday"
Dennis and Kris Campbell donated $20 for their grandkids-Claire, Cole, Aiden, Mason, Maximus, Madilyn and baby Mollan on the way!!
Craig Tidwell just became a member of team 107.10! Neighbor of Jamie-thanks Craig!!!
Dick and Jan Hillaker just joined Team 107.1...they are retired Port Huron Area teachers...they challenge all retirees to support this worthy cause!
PH South Park Lions Club donated $200!
$250 from Dusty and Friends at Baurs Pet salon
A donation was just made of $20 on behalf of grandchildren....Justin, Chris, Tyler, Georgia-Ray and Mitchell!
Big Daddy's Taxidermy was just in and donated $200 and issued a challenge to the rest of the taxidermy businesses in the area to meet or beat their donation!
Zach Ellis was just in and donated $2
Michigan Precision Swiss Parts Company - David Murphy just donated $100
Rob Crawford came by with another $20 for you!
John Murphy the fourth stopped by to see you but you were in the shower-he's 4 years old ad go to Avoca Elementary
Pauline Repp donated $50
Watson Bros Company joined Team 107.1
Weedman of St. Clair County joined Team 107.1
Jim & Debbie Watson joined Team 107.1
Wilhelmina Muma joined Team 107.1 in honor of her 3rd birthday today
Blue Water Parrot Head Club was in and donated $250
Anthony Richards just donated $75
Thomas Edison Elementary was just in and donated $100
Ardie Hayes, a current volunteer downstairs, donated $25
Cheryl Frank donated $25
Woman's Life Chapter 830 donated $100
The Harley guys and Ann Brown donated $25
Roberta Eagles-Eagles Boxers joined Team 107.1
Dr. Julie Cichoracki DDS just joined Team 107.1    (pronounced Sick-o-racky) and wants to issue a challenge to all of her patients to donate to this cause!
Ken Vincent donated $10
Hunter donated $10 for Tim Nickolai
E Z recycling is challenging all local business' Ron is donating $100 and 10 per cent of all sales this week!
Peyton is downstairs and is sad that she can not come up and see you this year.  she wishes yo uall the best  love Jason
Gregory Job donated $25
Jon and Lindsay Chopp have joined team 107.10
Judy Kern stopped by to donate $20
Thank you Brett Roche for donating $20
Barn Brothers (Scott Manery and Dave Scarlett) joined the 107.10 team
Nancy Szlezyngier have joined the 107.10 team
A 100$ was donated in loving memory of Laura Poulsen
Dominic Rhody donated $10 to get his very first T-shirt!
Jake Roberts was in last night and donated $50
In honor of the entire Red Dogs Swim Team, We will join Team 107.1!!   Jamie & Doug Alexander  Will split my donation between the two 5 x 5 teams today!
Ken & June Pond just joined Team 107.10 and designated Team Johnson/McCartan for their donation
Hey Dennis and Chuck...Debbie already has someone waiting down here to give her a donation
Frank Frisk just donated $100 to Team Santoni/Stuckey
Maritime Title Agency just donated $200 in memory of Marie Westrick
Donation in memory of Scott Nichols from his aunt - Mary Gardner from Scottsdale AZ
Vinckier Foods-Wadhams & Ace Hardware-St. Clair just pledged $1000 to Team Wendling/Donnellon
Rodney Burch from Restore the Floor was just in and joined Team 107.1
Bill Schroeder was in and donated his proceeds from the Walk For Kids Sake and he would like to thank Jones Equipment Rental for donating the chairs and tables, Vicki and his family for helping and Beem Construction for all their help!
New volunteers on the phones and out front from the Marine Corp League....all men who have served our country in the marines.  They are down here to collect funds to help kids!   The honorable men are Terry Roberts, Lenny Brooks, Tom Atkins, Bob Szulborski, Jack Wilton and Jake Jacobson.  Wee also have Judi Babel from SEMCO Energy out front!
There is a new challenge....Port Huron Fence....
Jeanne & Joseph Deheneau were in and donated $30 in memory of our friend Eli Fahrquar
Larry and Judith Grinder donated $40.
Jean Chapdelaine from Digital Office Essentials has pledged to donate either a gently used $2,500 Xerox color printer or $500 in printing/graphic design/mail services to the Child Abuse Council directly (whichever we prefer) and Council will be getting with her next week to complete this donation!   Thank you so much Jean from both of the 5 x 5 teams 
Mr Carl Runsaw of Avoca made a pledge of 100$ to the Wendling/Donnellon team
we have a donation of 50$ by Sal Mannino Jr and Gianna and Vincenzo Hankins
we also have Suzan hankins and Kim Gaedecke all of memphis Schools down answering the phones
a lovely foster care mom stopped by and made a donation and is challenging other foster care moms of st clair county to do the same
Barbara Barriger stopped in and made donation of $40 for her grandsons Frankie and Austin
a donation was made of 10$ in the memory of Scotty Nichols
Sue Chmielewski from Memphis called in and made a $50 donatation.
Todd Chartier donated $250.00. Wanted to donate to the Mike and Tim team.
Danielle Walsh of Memphis made a $25 pledge and would like to apply it to Team Wendling
Special thanks to Nancy Kubik of Clinton Twp for her $25 donation.
Matthew Roskey donated 3.00   he goes to Crull School. His
Continued  Matthew's teacher is Mrs. Monahan
Thank you to Amy Pysarenko for her long distance donation from San Antonio, Texas! Amy is Mike Wendling's Sister In Law!!
Thank you to Donna Belyea of Port Huron for her $50 donation towards Team Wendling/Donnellon!
Thanks to American Legion 449 from Marysville for their $50 donation.
Thanks to the Sons of the American Legion 449 from Marysville for thir $100 donation.
Thanks to the American Legion 449 from Marysville for their $150 donation.
Thanks to the American Legion Riders 449 from Marysville for their $100 donation.
Marysville American Leagion challenges other legions to match their donation
Anthony Cavis just stopped in to make a donation of 25$  He attends Indian Woods Elementary school and is in the 5th grade.
Thanks to Jen Bassey of Marysville for her $25 donation towards team McCartan/Johnson.
Thanks to Kathy Swantek from Blue Water Developmental Housing for her $50 donation to Team McCartan/Johnson
Thanks to Pam Maita for her $20 donation towards team McCartan/Johnson
Thanks to Dane Povlock who stopped by with a $5 donation.  He is a 4th grader at Kewadian Elementary.
Rob from Great Lakes Gypsum & Supply Co joined Team 107.10 and issued a challenge to all other building materials companies to meet his donation!
Pete Cervini from Superior Heating & Cooling donate $200!!
Helen Niles was by and donated $100
Isabell Driscoll, a 3rd grader at Keewahdin Elementary came in our her way to school and donated $ helping kids!!
Vicki and Bill Schroeder came in this morning and donated $100 in honor of their grandchildren, Gregory and Haley...  Give a shout out to Jones Equipment and Beem Construction for help on walk
Tim and Debra Thierry (theory)just donated $50   
Thomas  & Rebecca Gilan donated $40
Joe McKenzie - McKenzie Concrete joined Team 107.1
Bowerman Plumbing donated $100
Mary Lynn and Gary Fletcher donated $100
Pam & Rob Carson donated $50
Paul Vinckier from State Farm Insurance just dropped by with $100
John Burg from Avoca just called in a $50 pledge and said you are doing a great job...keep up the good work!
Connor & Chloe's dad dropped off $5 on his way by
Chuck - we have free car wash tickets for the Memphis Car Wash or The Works Car Wash in Fort Gratiot.  Make a donation on site anytime today and we will give you one!  The folks at these car washes want to spark some donations to this wonderful cause!!
James Freed just called in and beat Sherry Archibald's challenge by donating $75....He said that he will pay any amount to help a senior citizen get off the roof!
Edward MacPherson just came in and donated $100 - $50 to each of the 5 x 5 teams!
Debbie Conlan donated $50 and challenges the Port Huron Post Office to do the same!
Greg and Nan Farley came in and donated $50
Debra Fowler donated $25
Woman's Life Chapter 10 donated $100
Susan Hadden donated $30
Melissa Bauman doanted $25
Ed Finn Jr. stopped in to make a $100 donation on behalf of the Blue Knights Michigan Chapter XI Motorcycle Club
Tom's Backwwoods Bar and Grill donated $100
Linda Downing from Cystal Cleaning Company donated $100
Holmes Qst. Inc. (Craig) stopped in and became a member of team 107.10-been a member for many years now!!!
John and Lori Pidick joined team 107.10
John Pidick also dropped off $250 for the Kiwanis Club of the Blue Water Area!!
Ron Shevnock donated $25
Patty, Ron and Mr. Beards drove up and dropped off two big jars of change!!!
Shear Karma Hair Gallery in Port Huron dropped of $132.00 raised from donating $1 from each haircut and $1 from each styling product sold this week!
Ruth Bradley donated $135
William & Monika Fields donated $100
Lori Arquette from Little Lambs Childcare and Preschool $75
Christine Light from Bethel United Methodist Church UMW donated $100
Regina Gutierrez donated $10
Karl & Denise Tomion joined Team 107.1
Jeff & Libby Thomson joined Team 107.1
Loma Linda Chancey joined Team 107.1 in memory of her son Michael
Alicia Kramer donated $25
Debra Habermehl donated $80
Daniel Cook donated $25
Jim Jones (a big supporter of the council over the years)  teaches criminal justice at SC4 and could not be in class today, so he assigned his students to come up to the roof sit and learn about our organization and get some brochures for their homework..   We have had many of his students through today!
We just received a donation of $250 on behalf of Mike, Tess, & Lauren Keegan and Kyle, Rene, Carson and Hayden Prone who worked for their grandma and collected cans to earn the money.
Brian and Deanille Fowler joined Team 107.1
Brandy Fox donated $10
Kenneth Reilly joined Team 107.1
Mary Ann and Scott Shepley joined team 107.1
Blue Griffon Service donated $250.00
Holland Woods Middle School doanted $95!!! The Holland Woods Ambassadors Sponsored a "Hat Day"
Kyra Larsen donated $10-she's a middle school student
Janet Bopra was in from Woman's Life  #702 and donated $100
Joe Marcero joined Team 107.1
Clayton Hawks donated $50 in memory of Scott Nichols
$50 donated in honor of Courtney Schindler whose 15th birthday is today!
Qdoba Mexican Restaurant donated $25 and is bringing dinner over for all the volunteers on site
Emma Cook donated $30
Additional Barn Dance money of $500 bringing the total up to $4,000 - a new record!
Kimball Elementary students and staff donated $115
Denise Leaull donated $25
Moose Horseshoe League donated $120
FOE #3702 came in and donated $3,231.35
William Cassidy donated $100 in memory of Brad Cassidy
Chuck Flories & Pizzo donated 1.85
Garrett Sanchez and Alexis Barns came in and brought Indian Woods Elementary donations from their collections of $418.29!!   WOW!!
Blayn, Stephanie, and Eddie Szyska were in and donated $300.....Eddie is good buds with Maximus Chopp as are Blayn & Steph with John and Lindsay!  :)
BioPro dontaed $100.00
Laura and James White donated $50.00
Jakie Stockwell pledged $25.00
Al Guarnieri donated $25.00
James & Judy Scohy donated $214.20
Steve & Kay Silk donated $25.00
Carol Campbell donated $150.00
Jerry Bostick pledged $100.00 in loving memory of Scotty Nichols
Briceson Urie donated $10.00 in loving memory of Scotty Nichols
Allyssa Sein (Sane) donated $25.00 in loving memory of Scotty Nichols
Brian, Nicholas and Zachary Justa donated $50.00
Moose Lodge #158 (Port Huron) pledged $7,417.00
John, Carla and Bailey Glombowski dropped off a donation out front. They said keep up the good work. They look forward to this event every year!
T.L. Rutherford donated $25.00
Lexie and Maddie Herber donated $27.25. They want to challenge their classmates at Roosevelt Elementary. They know they have a lot of change!
The Sons of the American Legion (Legion Riders Post 8 in Port Huron) donated $400.00
Owen Jaska donated $10.00
DTE-St. Clair Power Plant donated $435.00
Rick & Gail Broom pledged $100.00 (also in loving memory of Scott Nichols)
Kristen Richardson donated $30.00
Marshall E. Campbell Co. donated $250.00
Blue Water Jeep Owners donated $2403.00!
The Hazzard family donated $25.00
Dave and Lisa Wellman donated $100
Kathy's sister and brother in-law:)
mark settle $100 pledge
prefers to be anonymous $107.1 pledge in honor of her 8 grand children
$10 pledge from Emma Rhadigan- 7 years old (REALLY wants to hear her name on air!)
Alice Rieves $50 pledge
Bill Pozios $250 pledge
Dale & Georgia $10 pledge 
Emmett Hardware & Centennial Pines Tree Farm (Mike Wendling) $250 Pledge with a match challenge for their employees
Hi Chuck...I am here .....  Jamie
Scott and Carol Watson from Avoca donated $50 and said HI!
Bob & Lori Mead donated $50 in memory of Vickie and said they remember Brian Harper saying good night to his kids and Chuck is doing a great job...thanks for keeping up the tradition
Rhonda Smith is celebrating her 50th birthday today and she came in and donated $50 and issued a challenge to all her friends, family and coworkers at Medilodge Port Huron to match my donation for my birthday!

Team Wendling/Donnellon:
Doug & Jamie Alexander $53.50
Vinckier Foods-Wadhams & Ace Hardware-St. Clair $1,000.00
Wendy Smith from LeSueur Minnesota $50.00
Lisa Frisbie from Frisbie Enterprises $100.00
Hilary Georgia $107.10
Nancy & Mike Scheible $25.00
Dan & Mary Kelly $50.00
Todd Powers $25.00
The Cutler Boys from Applegate $15.00
Brad and Julie Lamay $50.00
Cathie Brophy $15.00
St. Clair County employees/bake sale etc $1,071.00
Maria Kasparian $50.00
Rosemarie Fink $107.10
Linda Smith $50.00
Gardner from Casco $107.10
Gerald McClelland $250.00
Ray, Sally and Shari Straffon $53.55
Linda Harvey $50.00
RMD Construction $107.10
Bill Schroeder $2,000.00
Peter & Nicci Clive $53.50
Mark Harrington $50.00
Heather & Bill Rowley $50.00
Steve, Sue & Kyle Kamidoi $50.00
Suzanne Ceglarek $20.00
Patty & Pam Allen $25.00
Jennifer Deegan $107.10
Diana Purcell $20.00
Andrea Blair $50.00
Roosevelt Elementary School $100.00
Chris Reno $20.00
Bill Gratopp $40.00
Carly Connelly $25.00
Robert Wilson $107.10
Tom & Jackie Bligh $110.00
Nancy Thomson $107.10
Brandon Berlinger $25.00
Sarah Grewe $10.00
Kim Gaedcke $50.00
Kellie Lauwers $25.00
Terry Rakes $50.00
Paul Reid $107.10
Steve Guilliat $107.10
Gina & Poppa from St. Clair $25.00
Bill & Julie Veal $107.10
Memphis Elementary Hats on For Kids $319.60
Theresa Armstrong $25.00
Lamb Dairy Farm-Max and Phyllis, Scott adn Kristie $107.10
Lennie Brooks $25.00
John Walke $50.00
David and Linda Genaw $25.00
Jerry Keller $50.00
Bill & Renee Granger $50.00
Don Cole $100.00
Julia & Jeff Rust $107.10
Rob & Sherry Archibald $25.00
Bev & Randy Maiers $50.00
Jodi & John Wunch $107.10
Edward & Mary Taylor $53.50
PCC-Family First of Michigan $25.00
Nancy Pfeiffer $50.00
Paul Soderberg $50.00
Terry and Elaine Roberts $107.10
Carl Schultz auto $100.00
David Schultz-Schultz auto $100.00
Randy Schultz-Schultz Firearms $100.00
Mike and Cathy Witkowski $25.00
Bruce & Joyce Sawdon $100.00
Harold Burns $200.00
Steve & Dawn Schweihofer $100.00
Memphis Elementary Parents Club $200.00
Kristina Cowper $40.00
Rick & Tracy DeCaussin $50.00
Rich & Pat Shemansky $100.00
Emily Keegan $25.00
Charlie Tuna $107.10
Extreme Powerline $2,500.00
Colleen & Ed Maedel $100.00
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Femminineo $500.00
Mike Hulewicz $50.00
Michelle Feeney $100.00
Don McIntyre $50.00
Steve Wright & Chris Homik $150.00
Steven Schweihofer $500.00
Crossroad Auto Detailing $100.00
Don & Judy Emondson $50.00
Emmett Lions Club $500.00
Tom Bliss $100.00
Nicole Struthers $25.00
Dawn Sawicki Sanz & Debby Krueger $35.00
Tremble Insurance Agency $107.10
St. Clair Co. Transfer Division - the Round Bellies! $133.00
Ted Jahn $50.00
Frank and Cecelia Marco $107.10
Hacck's Farm Greenhouse $107.10
Greg St. Coelle and family $60.00
Kari McClelland $50.00
Larry and Dawn Cowhy of Cowhy Construction $30.00
Rob Crawford $20.00
Bryan Beinan $50.00
Bruce McCleand Farms $107.10
Tom Buckley $50.00
Steve and Jean Campau $25.00
Bonnie Govaere $50.00
Vicky Witherspoon and Gary Holowitz (round bellies) $50.00
Knights of Columbus $100.00
Bill & Sally Ameel $50.00
Crystal John $25.00
Sulkowski Seed - $100.00
Sulkowski & Son Farms -John, Grace, Chris, Michael & Matthew $100.00
Barb Tibble $50.00
Nana from Richmond $107.10
Candi Tibble $336.58
Brian Neiman-Neiman's Family Market $50.00
Emmett Ladies Auxiliary VFW $500.00
VFW Post Emmett $100.00
Zimmer Roofing $470.00
Tim & Camille from Burgess Contracting $107.10
Edward Donnellon $50.00
Daughters of Isabella No 452 and Lady of Mt. Carmel $1,400.00
Amy DeLang - Phoenix Farms $75.00
Michael Bligh $110.00
Mark from Ballard Farms $50.00
C Roy/Yale Bologna $100.00
Preferred Towing $300.00
Brown Aerospace $600.00
St. Clair County Road Patrol Division $300.00
Charity Softball Game $2,436.00
Talmer Bank $2,000.00
Tara Jordan $50.00
Denise Kreusel $25.00
Mike Witkowski - Jail Command Officers $100.00
Margaret Ropp $25.00
Farrell-Emmett Elementary $176.00
Amy Gudme $107.10
James Donnellon $25.00
Mary Maxim $100.00
Mary Maxim Employee Coffee Fund $107.10
Tamara Czachowski $20.00
Pete Schulte $100.00
Carl Runsaw $100.00
Susan Chmielewski $50.00
Todd Chartier $250.00
Danielle Walsh $25.00
Donna Belyea $50.00
Amy Pysarenko $25.00
Edward MacPherson $50.00
Ed Finn Jr. and the Blue Knights Michigan Chapter XI Motorcycle Club $100.00

Team Johnson/McCarten:
Joe & Ardie Hayes $30.00
Ken & June Pond $107.10
Doug & Jamie Alexander $53.50
Sandra Kammer $100.00
Terry Krueger $107.10
Lisa Morse $100.00
Marcy Koftan $107.10
B. Scott Nill $500.00
Womans Life #836 $1,293.32
Womans Life #836 $1,763.00
Deb & Jim Johnson $107.10
Wendy Smith from LeSueur Minnesota $50.00
Nancy & Mike Scheible $25.00
The Cutler Boys from Applegate $15.00
Cathie Brophy $15.00
Helen McCartan $100.00
Dave Harwood $50.00
Senator Phil Pavlov $100.00
Ray, Sally and Shari Straffon $53.55
Mike Caza $50.00
Peter & Nicci Clive $53.50
Jeff & Audrey Beckett $50.00
Kim Prowse $20.00
Chris & Katie Volpe $25.00
Karren Schneider $107.10
Susan Hool - Susan's Coffee House in St. Clair $50.00
Casual for a Cause-CMH $493.00
Overhead Door Co. of St. Clair County $125.00
Jill Bailey $50.00
Kathleen Gallagher $30.00
Kelle Wood-Changing Care Counseling $25.00
Dave & Audrey Miotke - St. Clair Packaging $50.00
Doug & Barb O'Rourke $100.00
Dr. Annette Mercatante $50.00
Bill & Shannon Berg $100.00
Susan Lewis $107.10
Ann Arendt $10.00
Jerry Keller $49.00
Don Cole $100.00
Rob & Sherry Archibald $25.00
Lewis Jones $60.00
Dr. Malachy Brown $100.00
Jeff Bohm $100.00
Edward & Mary Taylor $53.50
PCC-Family First of Michigan $25.00
Kim Pickens $10.00
Nancy Pfeiffer $50.00
Bob & Margo Fox (Fox Auto Sales) $100.00
Amanda Frantz $50.00
William Drake-Advanced Care Pharmacy $100.00
Joe & Heidi Fogarty $50.00
Hiram & Judy Badia $50.00
Brian Landon $100.00
Port Huron Fence Company $1,000.00
Tom Bower $107.10
Dawn Sawicki Sanz & Debby Krueger $35.00
Tam Johnson $30.00
Pat Falk $50.00
Terri Schultz $50.00
John, Jacob and Laurie Stolicker $50.00
CMH Administration-Tracy, Lori, Jessica, Marcy, Tracy G., Caroline, Bridgette, Shelby, Tammy and Janice $170.00
Tremble Insurance Agency $107.10
Gregg & Marsha Hill $50.00
Ruby Tree Farm $107.10
Val & Greg Duva $50.00
Tracy Duncan $25.00
Donald Fletcher $100.00
Capac Elementary School from their penny drive $373.50
Will Oldford $250.00
CMH from Inshape team $100.00
Chris Edward @ Crossroads Detail $100.00
Karen Farr $50.00
James Donnellon $25.00
Kathy Bever (Deb's Sister) $50.00
Jen Bassey $25.00
Kathy Swantek $50.00
Pam Maita $20.00
Edward MacPherson $50.00
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