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by Kristin Marie posted May 22 2014 6:36AM

What can't money buy?  A service called 'Rent-A-Gent' lets women choose a male companion from a list of "smart and handosme men". For $200 an hour, men can serve as handymen, dates, or personal chefs. The only rule? The relationship can't get physical on the clock.

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by Kristin Marie posted May 21 2014 7:13AM
Phoenix found these under a set of bleachers at the park. Needless to say he picked one up and they're the size of chicken eggs and have some weight to them. Keith says they'rePterodactyl eggs LOL Yeah...he likes to be humurous! ;) Anyone know what kind of bird they belong to?? Leave your comments below please :)
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by Kristin Marie posted May 15 2014 8:33AM
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by Kristin Marie posted Apr 8 2014 10:45AM
Post on Twitter or Instagram usig the hastag:  #LNTSELFIES and Love & Theft will pick their favs and feature them in on of their latest music videos! Click on the link below for more info!

by Kristin Marie posted Mar 20 2014 10:45AM

Ah, spring! The season that brings increasing daylight and warmer temperatures! A couple of weekends ago we were gifted with a little teaser of what it’s like when the sun comes out. But now spring is actually here! March 20th signifies the beginning of spring and with it will come expectations, societal changes and an overwhelming need to fixate on the weather forecast more than normal.

Activities that people turned their noses up at a few weeks ago are now considered standard behaviour so jump on the spring bandwagon and indulge in the following...

After Christmas many people will have been putting in the hours down the gym precisely for this moment. It doesn’t take much for the most vain individuals to decide the rest of the world simply must see their chiseled torso or toned legs and spring is the perfect showcase to show off your new physique. Summer dresses, brightly colored t-shirts, short shorts, flip-flops and vests will dominate wardrobes for the foreseeable future, while knitwear is discarded like a flyer for some new band you've never heard of.

Occasional sportspeople get to come out of the woodworks and dominate local football goals, tennis courts, or any available space for an ill-fated game of rounders.

With the frequently changing weather it can be a risky strategy but drying your clothes outside and succeeding is a good feeling. It’s also an excuse to get some new clothes as your snooping neighbours will probably look at your existing stuff and pass judgement. You may also start doing weird things like getting a book and actively wanting to sit outside rather than on the sofa.

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