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Happy Fat Tuesday!!

by Kristin Marie posted Mar 4 2014 7:39AM

Happy Paczki Day!!

QUESTION: What Paczki filling is your favorite? (Please click on "comments" below to answer)

For those that celebrate the tradition, Fat Tuesday (or Paczki Day) is the last chance to indulge before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. And those delicious, overstuffed pastries (paczki) are the perfect indulgence.

Cruise around the streets of Hamtramck on Tuesday morning and you’ll find folks lined up outside several Polish bakeries, which are known to produce some of the most traditional-tasting paczki around. But look a little further and you’ll notice an extended tradition happening inside local watering holes — a Polish version of St. Patrick’s Day, if you will.

Folks will be lining up as early as 7 a.m. at Hamtramck bars that are featuring drink specials, live entertainment and of course paczki. There’s even one bar offering a unique twist: the Paczki bomb, a booze-filled mini Paczki. Yum!

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Check out this video of the Polish Muslims and their song "Paczki Day"

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03/04/2014 7:39AM
Happy Fat Tuesday!!
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